Urban Development Security Side

Uniformed Patrol Division

The C.I.E.R. Security & Protection Agency’s Uniform Patrol Division/Special Police, our largest segment, is dedicated to minimizing criminal activities within designated areas. Our Special Police Officers, with limited jurisdiction, possess full police powers, including arrest authority and the use of weapons on public properties under their protection.

Functional duties of the division encompass 24/7 direct patrol services, ensuring life and property protection, rule enforcement, and law preservation. Both armed and unarmed officers engage in identifying criminal activity, apprehending offenders, and providing general traffic services. The Uniform Patrol Division, overseen by a Commander, operates under the Deputy Chief’s direction, ensuring effective performance through operational, policy, and disciplinary directives. The division’s three shifts, each led by a Lieutenant Shift Commander, ensure continuous coverage with supervision and guidance provided by Sergeant Patrol Supervisors.

Plain Clothes Division

Officers in the Plain Clothes Division wear civilian attire when they are on duty. When a more covert security presence is necessary, this device is most frequently used. There are two options for this service: armed and unarmed.

Executive Protection Division

Security and risk mitigation strategies implemented to guarantee the protection of VIPs or other individuals who might be subjected to high personal risk fall under the purview of our EP Division.

K-9 Service

A K9 officer, integral to our Patrol Division’s Special Unit, utilizes police Canine expertise for various tasks like drug detection, pursuit, and explosive identification. 

Performing typical Uniformed officer duties, they respond to client properties, patrol areas, secure crime scenes, collect evidence, and testify in court. In addition, K9 officers undergo specialized training for pursuits, detecting substances, locating missing individuals, tracking fugitives, and more. 

Operating 24/7, they stay on-call, ensuring control of their canine to prevent liabilities.

Private Detective Division

State-certified private investigators who have undergone extensive training are designated to conduct investigations and handle client services for private customers. 

Their range of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to, working for lawyers, businesses, the government, and private citizens; they also locate the missing, do background checks, and carry out surveillance.

Loss Prevention Division ​

LP officers work in retail environments to prevent shoplifter theft as well as internal theft. 

Officers maintain a presence in the public retail space, greeting and monitoring occupants.